Defense Video Tutorials

1. Poke Check - The most important of all defensive stick checks. Lowest Risk and highest reward. 

2. Footwork Drills that can be done at home or on a field and demonstrated by Pro Player Matt Dunn.

3. Proper Hold on a Defensive Long Pole.  Callum Robinson with a very important aspect in terms of how to properly hold a Defensive Long Pole. Proper control of the pole allows a defensemen to be aggressive without being reckless. 

4. Defensive Positioning as demonstrated by Kyle Hartzell.  Remember to stay balanced, loaded, & ready to defend. 

5. Defensive Stick Checks (Cross Check and Back Check) as demonstrated by Callum Robinson. (Never stop moving your feet) 

6. Defensive Wrap Check . Kyle Hartzell walks through the important aspects of timing as well as footwork. Remember to keep your head in front of the opponent as they dodge.